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Foods Help You Stay Away from Common Gynecological Problems

In today’s fast paced and continuously moving world, paying attention towards health is the number one goal and priority. Good nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. It’s common knowledge that a balanced diet combined with regular exercise can help you stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. But most women are unaware that proper nutrition can help avoid gynecological diseases as well. A regular intake of the right fruits, vegetables, and minerals can ensure you have a healthy reproductive system.

Take a step closer towards healthy life by leveraging these foods for better gynecological health:

1.Whole Grains:

Higher levels of estrogen increase the risk of breast diseases caused by the rapid growth of cells in the mammary glands. The consumption of whole grains can cut this risk, by helping regulate the levels of estrogen in the blood. Grains are also a good source of iodine that stimulates the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland and promotes easy maturity and release of eggs.

2.Red fruits and vegetables:

Red fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals (chemical compounds produced naturally in plants) that effectively inhibit the growth of gynecological tumor cells while reducing their responsiveness to estrogen. Include red apples, red peppers, onions, grapes, and other red fruits in your diet to reap the benefits of this wonder nutrient.


Soy products effectively regulate the secretion of the endocrine glands ” hormones that regulate the function of the reproductive system as well as control metabolism and growth. Milk, tofu, soya seeds, soy sauce, etc can effectively regulate the estrogen level in the body and help maintain a healthy reproductive system.


Bananas contain a high content of vitamin B6 that can effectively stabilize nerves and alleviate pain during menstruation.They are rich in potassium which gives you energy, as well as magnesium. So be sure to eat your bananas


Calcium-rich foods such as milk and yogurt help prevent ovarian diseases and control the growth of cancer cells. Yogurt is a good mood enhancer. Some women go through severe mood swings when it is “that time of the month.” But Yogurt has actually been shown to decrease depression, sadness and crying and irritability during PMS.

6.Folic acid:

Food rich in folic acid, such as animal liver, spinach, cabbage, leeks, fish, eggs, and cereal can effectively prevent and reduce the chances of cervical cancer.


When our body lacks iron, it can’t produce enough of the red blood cells and we have to suffer from serious and long term complications like Anemia. Anemia is one of the most stirring problem that majority of women are facing today. It affects the functioning of the ovaries. Consumption of red meat, seafood, and beans along with green leafy vegetables is necessary to supplement natural iron intake. In addition, avoiding strong tea or coffee during the menstrual period helps maintain smooth absorption of iron.


Avocado is the most nutritional food. Monounsaturated fats in them have ability to fight out the high blood pressure levels. You can incorporate them in salad or any other dish to get maximum benefits out of them.


Mushrooms are a good source of protein as well as antioxidants such as selenium, which helps to prevent cell damage, and copper, a mineral that aids in the production of red blood cells.mushrooms reduce the effects of aromatase, a protein that helps to produce estrogen. One study showed that women who ate just one third of an ounce of raw mushrooms a day (that’s about one button mushroom) had a 64 percent reduction in breast cancer risk.

While these natural remedies often render impressive results, it is always safe to consult a Gynecologist & Obstetrician Doctor when it comes to any serious gynecological issues.

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