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Good Foods and Habits To Protect Your Teeth

Teeth are vital for us to eat, chew, speak and smile. It is always important to pay attention to our dental health which has a direct effect on many other parts of the body. You know the fact that teeth can tell your story. Yes, teeth are significant clues for our age, stress, and overall health.

The oral health depends on the foods what we eat and what we drink. So always be mindful and be sure you aren’t compromising on your dental health. Here are the few things that are destroying your teeth, try to avoid them

Out of all sugar is the primary enemy for the teeth. When you eat sugar, the bacteria inside your mouth will also enjoy the sweet resulting in plaque. The plaque is responsible for the declining the enamel of teeth and the tissues surrounding the teeth. Resulting in tooth decay and cavities.

Refined Carbs comes next in the list.  Bacteria in your mouth feast on the simple sugars in the Starch and refined foods, producing acids as by-products. These acids slowly eat away the thin calcium enamel which causes gum infection.

Next comes the Drinks. Be careful with drinks whether hot or cold there are some drinks that are not good for teeth. Coffee lovers should know that coffee is the major source of those yellow stains on the teeth. Avoid hot drinks because they quickly weaken your enamel resulting in sensitivity. Need not to mention that soda and Alcohols are even worse than coffee which is a known fact to everyone.

Bear in mind that all fruits are not teeth friendly. Citrus fruits are on the list. These are good sources of vitamin C and contain many other nutrients, but not good when comes to teeth. particularly Grapes and lemon juices are highly acidic which can wear away the enamel of the teeth. So always be mindful on the quantity when you eat these fruits.

So, what to eat?

Eating right is the first step to protect your teeth and smile. It’s time for us to switch from sugars and starchy foods to foods that prevent decay and keep them healthy.

Calcium is crucial for teeth strength. Calcium in foods counters acid production in the mouth. This protects the teeth and the enamel layer surrounding it. So, take calcium-rich foods which make sure the teeth and bones stay strong. Calcium-rich foods include milk, yogurt, tofu, soya milk, cheese and green leafy vegetables.

Fibrous foods and whole grains are virtuous for the teeth. Whole grains have a decent volume of Vitamins, Iron, magnesium and all the essential supplements that promotes healthier gums. Speaking of fibrous foods, they augment the salivation in the mouth. Saliva fights with the acidic foods. It helps in dehydrating the mouth along with sweeping away the food and bacteria that can lead to cavities.

Avoid eating processed foods. As an alternative pick, fresh vegetables and fruits. Daily include a mix of raw vegetables and fruits like apples, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, ginger, garlic and bell peppers. These natural foods are great sources for suppressing the development of microbes, thus prevent us from periodontal diseases.

Hydrating yourself is must and for this purpose. water is superlative. Most of the drinks contain artificial sweeteners that are acidic in nature. They will gradually wear down the enamel of your teeth. Make a habit of green tea which is rich in fluoride. It is a poly-phenol, reduces the growth of toxins in the mouth.

Apart from the above-mentioned foods, there are several bad habits which has a negative impact on dental health.

How to protect your Teeth

Good oral hygiene habits can prevent gum infections, cavities, and tooth loss. Brushing twice a day and rinsing after meals is must for healthier teeth. We all lean towards various bad habits and small actions that has a negative effect on our teeth. Here are a few such bad habits which you to leave for your teeth’s health.

  • Stop using your teeth as a Tool (bottle opener, holding things when hands are full, tearing covers etc)
  • Brushing your teeth hardly/with hard bristles brush
  • Nail biting
  • Grinding and Clenching the teeth
  • Using tobacco and alcohols
  • Nonstop snacking
  • Skipping the brushing of teeth
  • Improper usage of toothpicks and Flossing

The consequences of these habits include Tooth Decay, Cavities, Gum diseases, Dry mouth, Sensitivity, Missing teeth, Toothaches, Discoloration of teeth, Bad odor, and many more. It is not tough to overcome these habits. So, avoid them to save your dentist bills.

It was never too late to start! Switch to the above-mentioned foods and habits for maintaining the overall dental health. Keep in mind that once you start losing your teeth, life will not be the same again even though you can replace them.

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