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Aries Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


You hit some roadblocks when expansive Jupiter starts spending time in strict Capricorn starting on December 2. You’ll want concrete results, but you don’t necessarily want to do what it takes to overcome the obstacles in your way. It looks like you have some serious decisions to make if you want to reach your goals. You might lack motivation during the sun-Neptune square on the eighth, and doubting yourself can be part of the issue. The important thing to figure out during this transit is if you’re fighting an uphill battle. Some things (and people) just aren’t worth your energy right now, Aries.The Jupiter-Uranus trine on December 15 brings some lucky breaks, especially when you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone. If your life has been stagnant lately, you should start to see some exciting forward movement. Don’t be afraid to choose a path and move full speed ahead toward the things you want! The sun enters steady Capricorn for a month starting on the twenty-first, making this a great time to focus on your goals. Sticking to the rules and applying structure to your life aren’t always your biggest strengths, but your determination helps you dig in and focus on what’s important. Plus, showing how responsible you are can lead to some excellent rewards in the future.

Taurus Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


Sultry Venus, your home planet, sextiles powerful Mars on December 3, kicking your love life into high gear. You’re very attractive now (thanks to that increase in self-confidence), and you take a very commanding approach to the things you want. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel this in control all the time?!As the moon becomes full in versatile Gemini on the eleventh, it’s a good time to roll up your sleeves and get to work on a project you’ve let slip through the cracks. You can use your increased networking power now to recruit people to help you get the job done, but no matter what, don’t let this lunation pass without crossing some important things off your to-do list. Money-focused Venus enters innovative Aquarius on December 20, so you should be more willing to branch out when it comes to finances. You aren’t entirely comfortable with new concepts and aggressive investments, but it won’t hurt anything to let someone make their sales pitch or do some research on a new tech gadget. Getting in on the ground floor of something big could be exciting. Communicative Mercury enters practical Capricorn on the twenty-eighth, so you’ll opt for the simplest way of getting or staying in touch with people now. If you’re traveling for the holidays, stay on top of your itinerary. You can avoid potential travel-related disasters by taking a methodical, organized approach.

Gemini Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


You might feel slightly reined in when optimistic Jupiter pairs up with focused Capricorn on December 2. You’d love to be out there having a good time, but you can’t get away from that little voice in the back of your head reminding you of all your responsibilities. If you realize there’s a time for fun and a time to get serious, you should be fine.Your talkative home planet Mercury spends time in outgoing Sagittarius starting on the ninth, so meeting new people and striking up interesting conversations is easy. You can’t wait to learn more about other cultures. You welcome exchanging information and opinions from anyone who’s different than you!A full moon in your mentally ambitious sign on December 11 awakens your creativity and urges you to finish something you already started. You’re interested in so many different topics that it’s hard for you to stay focused, but zeroing in on one thing now can help you accomplish your goals before the finalizing energy of this full moon disappears.The sun enters responsible Capricorn on the twenty-first, encouraging you to take care of your responsibilities. Remember, Gemini, Jupiter is also in steady Capricorn, so the universe might be trying to tell you something about getting serious. Life can’t be all fun and games. Sometimes it’s time to get down to business.

Cancer Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


Lucky Jupiter begins its trip through ambitious Capricorn on December 2, which in all honesty can kind of put a damper on things. It’s not like you forgot about your responsibilities; you were just looking forward to a little break. Unfortunately, the only luck you can count on now is the kind you make yourself.A Gemini full moon arrives on the eleventh, though, giving you some fresh, new ideas about how you can tackle some boring projects. It’s all about reciprocation. If your friends or co-workers help you now, offer to help them in the future.Lovely Venus enters eccentric Aquarius on December 20, so your typically domestic outlook might get challenged by the Water Bearer’s less conventional approach. Can you learn something from being less traditional? Yes. Are you more comfortable staying in your own little shell, though? Definitely, yes!A happy sun-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-seventh helps you end the month and year on a lucky note. You have a strong desire to experience life to the fullest now, and very few obstacles stand in your way. You can tell you’re on the right path because people keep telling you that you’re glowing. Stay positive, Cancer. It’s all glitter and gold into the new year.

Leo Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


There’s a sun-Neptune square on December 8 that can cause disappointment and confusion during the first part of the month. You might feel like you’re the underdog but lack the will or energy to do anything about it. This isn’t like you, Leo. You might not have the desire to fight now, but you won’t stay in the shadows forever. A full moon in intelligent Gemini on the eleventh helps you get some important things done just in time to meet your deadlines. It’s not that you enjoy procrastinating, but there are so many other fun things you want to do. Taking care of outstanding projects now will save you time in the long run.Loving Venus enters somewhat aloof Aquarius on December 20, encouraging you to look at things from a whole new perspective. You value freedom of expression, and you not only want others to give you space, but you give it to them in return. You have lots of friendships and make lots of new connections now, but they won’t be that deep.When normally quick-thinking Mercury enters steady Capricorn on the twenty-eighth, your thought patterns become more organized. You can benefit from looking at things more logically versus emotionally, especially communications issues. Be careful not to come across as too harsh though, Leo. You’re still warm, caring, and compassionate despite this businesslike energy.

Virgo Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


When limitless Jupiter joins up with practical Capricorn on December 2, your best approach to reaching your goals is a methodical, realistic one. You can identify with the Goat’s down-to-earth energy, but expansive Jupiter puts a little voice in the back of your head telling you that you might not be doing enough.The contemplative Mercury-Pluto sextile on the third adds depth and intensity to your thought processes, and you’ll want to take your time before making major decisions. You love learning about new things (especially the occult and astrology), and you have a magnetic attraction to the unknown. Spend your spare time finding the answers to the mysteries of the universe.Communicative Mercury, your power planet, enters optimistic Sagittarius on December 9, giving you a renewed sense of hope. You see new possibilities now, and you’re excited about what might happen next. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and you could have a profound effect on the people you talk to now. Mercury moves into Capricorn’s practical sign on the twenty-eighth, ending the month on a more serious note. Your thinking is sensible and logical now, and you tend to think in terms of what’s realistic instead of what’s possible. Your plans are still intact, but now you see more of the work that’s involved in making your dreams come true. Stay focused.

Libra Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


There’s an empowering sextile between your home planet Venus and intense Mars on December 3 that gives you the confidence to be a power player this month. You have a charismatic and attractive nature, Libra, but behind the charm you’re all business. Chase down your desires while you can! If you aren’t careful, someone might take advantage of you during the sun-Neptune square on the eighth, so be on the lookout for people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Your intuition is strong now, so you’ll probably get a feeling when something isn’t right. You can get things done under the Gemini full moon on December 11, especially if you call on other people to help. You’re a great idea person now, but your follow-through isn’t always ideal. Luckily, you have great networking and conversational skills that allow you to find people to help you out of most situations.Money manager Venus spends time in innovative Aquarius starting on the twentieth, so your best investments and money moves are the ones that might be considered outside the norm. Don’t be afraid to pursue interesting or risky opportunities now. You only live once!Communication gets serious when Mercury enters Capricorn on December 28. This isn’t the best time to flirt or tell jokes unless you like to be laughed at instead of with!

Scorpio Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


There is a complexity and seriousness to your thinking during the Mercury-Pluto sextile on December 2. Your probing nature makes you want to find out life’s deepest mysteries, and you won’t stop until you solve the hardest puzzles.The Gemini full moon arrives on the eleventh, helping you clear your slate of excess projects. Your mind is active and alert, but you’re easily distracted. You could use help now from someone who is organized and disciplined behind the scenes while you stand on stage coming up with the grand ideas.The sun enters ambitious Capricorn on December 21, so for the next month you’re focused and driven when it comes to your goals. You’re also very realistic about what you can accomplish now and aren’t likely to bite off more than you can chew. You take your responsibilities seriously and surround yourself with like-minded people who want the same success from life that you do. Thoughtful Mercury pairs up with serious Capricorn on the twenty-eighth, so your thinking becomes methodical and practical. You’re ready to weed out the excess and focus on what really matters. You still have a good sense of humor, but you know when it’s time to joke around versus when it’s time to get down to business.

Sagittarius Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


Your home planet Jupiter enters serious Capricorn on December 2, toning down your adventurous nature and making you say goodbye to some of the fun you’ve been having. It’s not that you can’t have a good time, Sagittarius, but there’s a time and place for everything. Get your work done first, then party afterward.Chatty Mercury enters your enthusiastic sign on the ninth, so you’ll want to strike up conversations with strangers wherever you go. You’re anxious to find out new friends’ stories, and you’re genuinely interested in their experiences. Networking is easy now, as is making new friends.A fortunate Jupiter-Uranus trine on December 15 brings lucky breaks and exciting encounters and might just reveal your destiny to you. Are you paying attention, Sagittarius? Because this could be a very enlightening time for you if you’re in the right mindset.You see the value in using practicality and logic to solve your problems while the sun travels through steady Capricorn for a month starting on the twenty-first, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your edge. Apply yourself to your major responsibilities first, and then use the time you have left over to pursue your true passions. Life is about balance. You’ll be happier in the coming month if you aren’t too hard on yourself.

Capricorn Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


When expansive Jupiter enters your ambitious sign on December 2, you work hard to get what you want. Luck plays a role, but you can’t (or don’t) count on it. You’d rather put in the effort and make sure something happens than sit back and wish upon a star. You can afford to take some of the pressure off yourself to get the job done during the full moon in flexible Gemini on the eleventh, especially if you surround yourself with people who can help. You’re great at delegating now, so why not ask someone to assist you? Just because you started something on your own doesn’t mean you have to finish it that way. A positive Jupiter-Uranus trine on December 15 encourages you to try something new and seems to indicate that something good will come from you doing so. For you, getting the job done is often all the reward you need. However, you aren’t above accepting a monetary award or standing ovation when your work is truly appreciated!The sun enters your logical sign on the twenty-first, followed by Mercury seven days later. With both celestial bodies taking on your driven, disciplined qualities, there’s very little you can’t accomplish. Define your goals as far ahead of time as possible, so you’ll know what you expect of yourself once the time comes.

Aquarius Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


When talkative Mercury enters adventurous Sagittarius on December 9, your mind becomes more open and your thoughts turn daring. You’re ready to explore the vast landscape of the world, and you’d love to have some company! Your best travel companion now is a fire sign who seeks excitement—or another wild and free air sign. Changes get underway when expansive Jupiter meets up with your progressive power planet Uranus on the fifteenth, and you’re more than happy to explore new ways to get things done. A new perspective leads to new processes and procedures, and you could become quicker and more efficient without even meaning to. You might seek alternative types of relationships (both romantic and platonic) when loving Venus enters your unconventional sign on December 20. You’ve always thought the rules don’t really apply to you, and while your methods won’t satisfy everyone, you aren’t interested in winning a popularity contest right now anyway.The sun-Jupiter conjunction in steady Capricorn on the twenty-seventh is one of the luckiest transits of the year. Even if you don’t believe in fate or destiny, you’ll be amazed by the happy coincidences you encounter now. Things are happening for a reason, Aquarius. Enjoy the flow!

Pisces Monthly Overview for December 01, 2019


When Jupiter moves into serious Capricorn on December 2, you’ll be looking for more concrete results than you expected during its turn through easygoing Sagittarius. You might be able to rely on a sprinkling of good luck here and there, Pisces, but it comes connected to hard work and effort rather than on its own, out of the blue. You could develop a case of the lazies during the sun-Neptune square on the eighth, and you might have a hard time getting motivated. Hypochondria is another issue that might come up now, leaving you to wonder what else could possibly happen. The good news is that most of it is probably in your head. The shining sun enters persistent Capricorn on December 21, encouraging you to keep moving forward toward an important personal or professional goal. If you’ve felt like giving up lately, this transit should renew your drive. A fortunate sun-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-seventh enhances your sense of destiny and renews your belief in “meant to be.” Were you just thinking about someone before they texted? Were you having a hard time making a decision when you found out that one of the options was suddenly off the table? There are no coincidences now, Pisces.

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