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Aries Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


What have you been avoiding? The new moon arrives in your sign on April 5, just in time to give you that boost of confidence to tackle a daring task. Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the tenth, asking you to look within for the answers you’re seeking. Getting philosophical brings up more question, but you like exploring now. Rational Mercury enters your quick-thinking sign on April 16, so decisions will be quick and actions spontaneous. So what if you didn’t think before leaping? It’s nothing you haven’t done before.Venus follows Mercury into your enthusiastic sign on the twentieth, so romance is direct and to the point. Why beat around the bush, anyway? You both know what’s up. Brooding Pluto goes retrograde on April 24 for the next several months, asking you to think about your power and control issues. Are you a back-seat driver? Do you always have to be in charge of the remote? Let other people have a chance to be in the driver’s seat, Aries. What’s the worst that can happen?

Taurus Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


How long has it been since the potential for new romance presented itself? Love is in the air during the Venus-Neptune conjunction on April 10, so if you’re ready for it, let love in.Fortunate Jupiter is retrograde during its trine with the sun on the fourteenth, so you should be in high spirits, if not a little more introspective than usual. What have you gained recently? Be thankful for all you’ve been given.The full Libra moon shines bright on April 19, putting compromise at the heart of a peaceful existence. If your friend, roommate, co-worker, partner, mom, dad, or someone else wants to argue, suggest a harmonious way that you can both get what you want. You’re great at coming up with solutions that work for everyone.Beautiful Venus enters powerful Aries the next day, so your romantic actions are direct. Playing hard to get isn’t your style right now. If there’s a competition of any kind, you’re poised to win it.Hardworking Saturn goes retrograde on the twenty-ninth, giving you some anxiety surrounding a deadline or overdue project. You might not reach your goals now despite your best efforts. Stay focused and shut out distractions as much as possible. You can do this.

Gemini Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


You love unraveling mysteries during the Mercury-Neptune conjunction on April 2. This is the perfect time to decipher clues. Use your advanced detective skills to get out of an escape room. Or binge-watch crime shows on TV.The sun-Jupiter trine on the fourteenth is still a positive experience despite Jupiter being in retrograde. With so much optimism surrounding you, there are really no bad choices. Communicative Mercury enters powerful Aries on April 16, so your words have strength and conviction. You might be louder than usual, too, as you try to take control of a work meeting or conversation with a group of friends. Just remember that you can get your point across without yelling.The full Libra moon shines a beautiful light on things on the nineteenth, making it a good time to strengthen relationship bonds. If a friendship has been rocky lately, extend an apologetic hand. Even if the tiff wasn’t your fault, you have the power to mend things amicably.Disciplined Saturn turns retrograde on April 29, making you question if all your recent hard work has been worth it. Don’t give up, even when things don’t turn out as planned. The answers might be slow in coming, but they’ll come.

Cancer Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


A new moon in explosive Aries on April 5 means it’s time to find a healthy way to let out some of those powerful impulses. Taking up an extreme sport is a good way to get rid of some of the stress you’ve been feeling. Get physical!Lucky Jupiter goes retrograde on the tenth, so you might experience some setbacks. If you’ve gotten used to things going your way, this abrupt turn of events might be jarring. It will take some serious introspection to figure out your next move. When talkative Mercury enters opinionated Aries on April 16, you’re more than ready to have your say. But do you always have to have the last word?! Conversations should be an exchange of information, not a one-way lecture.A full moon in relationship-focused Libra on the nineteenth puts the spotlight on a partnership that needs your attention. A casual acquaintance, neighbor, or co-worker might be able to use your assistance in a mediation. Your ability to see both sides of the situation helps both parties come to a mutual agreement with little arguing or stress.When the sun enters money-oriented Taurus on April 20, it’s a good time to think about implementing a budget. The Bull is excellent with long-term financial goals. Look for slow-growing but steady investments now.

Leo Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


The new Aries moon on April 5 is an excellent incentive to get responsibilities out of the way first thing this month. You aren’t into setting long-term goals now, but if there’s something in front of you that needs to be finished, you’re on it.Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the tenth, giving you time to pause and reflect on your recent luck. How much of what’s happened is fate, and how much is the result of your efforts? An extremely optimistic sun-Jupiter trine opens your mind to the possibilities on April 14, and you might have some very exciting travel options. Even though you’re still only in the planning stages, this could be a very exciting journey.The sun enters beauty-loving Taurus on the twentieth, so you notice the pretty things and people surrounding you. Your eye is drawn to the most attractive person in the room or the most expensive object in the store. There’s always a way to get what you want.Hardworking Saturn goes retrograde on April 29, so it might be more difficult to get things crossed off your to-do list. Your worst habit now is starting things and not finishing them. If you need help, feel free to delegate.

Virgo Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


Your talkative home planet Mercury sextiles structured Saturn on April 7, bringing discipline to your verbal game. You give excellent speeches, presentations, and lectures now, and your word choice is concise yet meaningful. It’s also a good time to catch up on blogs or social media posts.Mercury enters driven Aries on the sixteenth, so you aren’t as good a listener as you are a talker. When you have plenty to say but not a lot of time to say it, it can result in rapid speech that’s hard to understand. Slow down. Let your mouth catch up to your mind.Lovely Venus enters enthusiastic Aries on April 20, speeding up your love life and creating a sense of urgency. Is there really a rush or just a perceived one? Evaluate the situation as much as possible before reacting (or overreacting) to it. Goal-oriented Saturn enters a retrograde cycle on the twenty-ninth, causing you to question your ability to get the job done. Do you have enough resources to do it on your own or do you need some help? This isn’t the time to be hard on yourself, Virgo. Ask for what you need.

Libra Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


A new moon in Aries on April 5 shows you what you can do if you dig in and stop procrastinating! The powerful energy of this new moon cycle makes you slightly more aggressive than usual, which you can use to your advantage. No more Mr. or Ms. Nice Guy!A gentler Venus-Neptune conjunction on the tenth brings the potential for new romance (or the rekindling of an old one), but the situation is based on love and compassion, not lust. This transit can also strengthen an existing relationship if you can put aside past disappointments and focus on the moment.The full moon in your sign on April 19 helps restore the balance in a relationship, which is something you’ve probably been craving for quite some time. The potential for a romantic relationship or business partnership is higher now than ever before. Take the next step, whatever you mutually decide that will be. You might be tempted to slack off somewhat when responsible Saturn goes retrograde on the twenty-ninth, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a little break. You run into problems when you miss a deadline or skip an important meeting, so if that’s your choice, you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

Scorpio Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


The new moon is in Aries on April 5, adding fiery energy to your everyday routine. You get things done at record speed, but some of the details you’re known for being on top of could get lost in the shuffle. If there’s a way to stay focused and finish on time, you’ll find it.The start of a Jupiter retrograde cycle on the tenth gives you a reason to reconsider a lot of things you’ve done recently, and you might wonder if destiny played a role in recent events. Are you to blame or was there little you could have done to avoid your current fate?Information guru Mercury spends time in enthusiastic Aries starting on April 16, at which point you aren’t as concerned with the details as you are the big picture. And when you have an idea, you don’t keep it to yourself for long. Co-ruler Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn from the twenty-fourth until the start of October, giving you plenty of time to dial back making the power plays you’re used to. You’re a sign that likes to be in control, but what happens when you step aside and give the reins to someone else?

Sagittarius Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


A new Aries moon puts you in a spontaneous mood on April 5. What do you have to lose? You’re much more likely to act first and deal with the potential consequences later. It’s better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do, right?!Jupiter’s retrograde starts on the tenth and brings a period of quiet reflection. This is a good time to go back over the past few months and take a look at your luck. Do you deserve all the good things that have happened to you? And does it really matter?A sun-Jupiter trine on April 14 is one of the best transits around, so enjoy its warm, friendly energy. Your self-confidence is at an all-time high, making it easy for you to feel at ease in any type of situation (and around all types of people). Expand your social network.A full Libra moon on the nineteenth means your relationships are your focus, so you should be able to feel at ease with new partnerships as well as old ones. You’re a peacemaker at heart, and you’ll do what it takes to make sure everyone gets along.

Capricorn Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


Use clear thinking and good judgment to your advantage during the Mercury-Saturn sextile on April 7. There are few situations that don’t benefit from your increased concentration and focus at the start of the month. A more trying sun-Saturn square on the tenth brings tests and challenges, but you should be ready for them if you’ve done the necessary work. You don’t often let people see you struggle, and this time is no exception.Versatile Mercury enters strong-willed Aries on April 16, leading you to quick solutions and pioneering thoughts. You might not always consider every option, but you’re great at coming up with escape plans on the spur of the moment.The brilliant sun enters indulgent Taurus on the twentieth, creating a rich and pleasurable atmosphere to play in. You love luxury now and surround yourself with the best of the best. If cost is no option, you’re in for some very indulgent treats.When hardworking Saturn goes retrograde on the twenty-ninth, you get some much-needed perspective. Maybe working every minute of the day isn’t necessary to reach your lofty goals. If there’s an alternate solution to working your butt off, you’ll find it now.

Aquarius Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


Positive energy flows during the Mercury-Neptune conjunction on April 2, improving your psychic abilities and increasing intuition. It’s amazing what you pick up on now that you’re able to sense things more strongly.Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the tenth, giving you time to contemplate your place in the world. Whether you believe in destiny or not, this is a good time to contemplate its role in your life.Chatty Mercury enters confident Aries on April 16, making your conversations quick and to the point. Let other people use flowery words. Right now, your main objective is to get to the point so you can move on to other things. The sun spends a month in sturdy Taurus starting on the twentieth, at which point you enter a responsible, dependable stage. This is when plants can take root, so get ready to throw down some solid long-term plans.A restricting Saturn retrograde period starting on April 29 puts limits on what you’re able to accomplish, especially at work. Distractions like your phone and other electronics are the main culprits when you’re trying to focus.

Pisces Monthly Overview for April 01, 2019


Deep, spiritual bonding can take place when loving Venus conjoins your home planet Neptune on April 10. Take the opportunity to strengthen a friendship or romantic relationship by confiding in each other. You’re connected at the soul. There’s no doubt that luck is on your side during the sun-Jupiter retrograde trine on the fourteenth, so think about that when you’re ready to make your next move. You’d be foolish to waste any forward progress you’ve already started, but hold off on making new plans. The time is right to sit back and enjoy the happy vibe. Communicative Mercury enters rapid Aries on April 16, so your objective is to think fast and speak even faster. You don’t get bogged down in details. Let someone else worry about those. Right now, you’re headed for the finish line! Sexy Venus enters excitable Aries on the twentieth, so you never know what might happen from one minute to the next. You love this spontaneous energy, but the unknown can be nerve-wracking, too. Just go wherever the mood takes you.When serious Saturn turns retrograde on April 29, old fears might come back to haunt you. Try to remember that you’re good enough for whatever life deals you. You might not know the answer, Pisces, but you’ll find it.

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