Parents Spend Quality Time With Your Children Sukhibava

Dear Parents, Make Space to Spend Quality Time With Your Children!

Children are the greatest boon for parents. Spending quality time with children make them satisfied, develops a good understanding and in-depth bonding. In this digital age, parents are working round the clock to earn the living. Many of them are struggling to balance between work life and family life. They have no time to spend with their children, therefore children are becoming careless and undisciplined. This is one of the most concerned issues of the parents.

Now a day’s children are more addicted to the internet, most of the time busy in surfing and playing video games. Due to these children are becoming more sedentary.  With this reduced physical activity, children are often facing risks like obesity and immunity disorders. Parents are the root cause of such behavior. So, they should make time to monitor, influence the positivity, motivate the children from childhood instead of being judgmental or mean

Try these suggestions to spend time with your children that can help you to understand them better.

Play Games:

Children love playing games. This is a fact that no one can oppose it. So, try to play fun games along with your children.  So, when you devote some of your time and play fun, educational games along with them, you would do your best to help them feel your love for them.

Exercise Together:

Many of us generally start the day with exercise in the early morning. Involving children into your daily fitness activities has several benefits like togetherness, civic and fun, along with physical fitness. When we exercise together our communication improves, teaches Good Habits and strengthens our relations.

Enjoy Evening or Night Walks:

Have a walk with your child before bedtime. Take your child for a walk before bedtime. With this activity, we not only get time to spend but also helps in developing a healthy lifestyle of walking to the little ones.

Dinner Time:

Having family dinners together has the potential to reinforce bonds between the members. It provides a daily time for the whole family to be together which is a good time to start a conversation. Enjoying family meals together helps with bonding & developing healthy eating habits in kids.

Help at Work:

Mom or Dad sitting with the kid aside while he is doing his school work can mean so much to them. It helps to encourage and motivate your child in studies Being involved in your child’s education also lets you know about your children educational standards and his performance at school.

Special Sundays:

Take time out for your kid on the Sundays despite busy weekends. So, just make Sundays special by bestowing some of your time exclusively for your family. Take them to the park nearby and let your child have their favorite ice-cream on your way back home. This will help you foster your relationship with not only your child but your spouse as well!

Plan Day Outs:

Organize family get_togethers. These are great stress busters. Take your spouse and kid to a good holiday inn or picnic spot and enjoy together. The day outs not only give relaxation and pleasure but also good memories for the children

Keep Your Mobiles Away:

Smartphones are the common road blocks to spend time with family. If parents are addicted to gadgets children will be so. Instead of social media play with your kid. Take a phone holiday and this make them feel important and loved.

Love given by parents is the most important thing than any other material goods. It is vital for every parent to make their kids realize that ‘how important they are’. They requisite parents love, warmth, kindness, and support. Healthy parent-child relations in the young age leads to form healthy relationships, control their emotions effectively, manage stress, improve problem solving skills and confidence levels. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait any further and just follow these simple and exciting methods which will perform a fundamental role in helping you. Have a truly enjoyable time with the love of your life – your adorable child!

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